Core Team

colin - co-owner, system admin, server manager

ZombieMan - co-owner, system admin

MeanestManAlive - super admin & team mascot

Meatwad - super admin & community content creator / video editor

jon - super admin & pwner in chief

Obama - moderator & group drunkard


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Contact Us

The quickest way of contacting the team is discord(@ an admin). It's also possible to contact us by email at:, but we do not check this inbox often.


The team is always open to more help. If you think you can help us out, contact one of the core team members.
We're currently looking for community admins, map makers, and experienced scripters / addon creators.

Test Team

Whenever we deploy a new server, we like to test out the functionality by having a good amount of people online. If you wish to be notified of these events, join our discord for more information.