A brief history of gamersgrave.net

The gamersgrave.net gaming community was founded on January 3rd, 2021 by colin, ZombieMan, and MeanestManAlive. Towards the beginning, our purpose in creating our own community was to only host servers for ourselves to enjoy, with people joining only being an afterthought. However, as we grew and gained positive feedback, we decided take a more community driven approach to how we operate. Now, in 2023, we are still a very small community, but we have refined ourselves in order to offer a unique gameplay experience unlike no other.

Our focus

Our focus is to bring game servers to the various games we play. One of our main objectives in this is to resurrect dead gamemodes and games (such as Zombie Master) so that newer generations of gamers can experience them as we did growing up.

Alternate Domains

If you have found us through one of our alternate domains, please note we are not in any way affiliated with the original communites that utilized the domain. Our purpose in purchasing their domain is to re-direct users to our site in hopes of gaining more players for our servers. This is not for monetery gain.

Our alternate domains that redirect to this site are below:


A bonus site, which does not redirect here is braindawgs.com. This site was originally created by the Zombie Panic! Source player Crackbone, but the domain expired. We have purchased the domain and are now hosting the archived page that was originally displayed when visting that site.

gamersgrave.net hosting

Mostly all of our game servers (with a few exceptions) are hosted on our own hardware. This helps us keep costs down and allows us to run the community without the need for donations.